Redhawk Golfers Club

Article I - NAME

The name of this golf club shall be Redhawk Golfers Club.  In this document this will be called “RGC”.  This club is a separate entity from the Redhawk Golf Course or “Course” in this document.


To stimulate interest in golf at the Redhawk Golf Course by bringing together a group of golfers desirous of forming a golfing organization.
To provide an SCGA (Southern California Golf Association) interface for our members.
To conduct Peer Review of our members in accordance with SCGA standards, to the extent possible.
To provide an active schedule of golf at Course or other facilities.
To provide other opportunities for competition for our members.
To maintain a uniform system of handicapping as set forth in the USGA Handicap System and issue SCGA/USGA Handicap Indexes to the members.
To provide an authoritative body to govern and conduct club competitions.


Membership shall be available to male players age 18 or more.  Juniors and Women may become members for the purpose of maintaining handicaps until clubs more specifically associated with those categories of player are available at Course.  All Junior and Women members are welcome to play as Guests in accordance with Guest policy.

Membership in RGC becomes effective when annual dues are paid & accepted by RGC.  Membership is individual and non-transferable.

Membership confers no voice in the operation of the RGC.

Memberships in the club are for a calendar year only, with all memberships expiring on December 31st.
The fiscal year for the club will be January 1st through December 31st.

In the event that any member of RGC shall commit any act which reflects discredit or disrepute to RGC, or shall refuse or neglect to comply with the rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Directors or the duly appointed officers, such member shall be subject to suspension or expulsion after notice and the right to be heard, by a vote of two-thirds of the Board of Directors at any regular meeting or special meeting called for such purpose.  Suspended or expulsed members will not be compensated for unused membership term.

The annual meeting of the RGC shall be held on the 1st Tuesday in the month of October or other date specified by the President.  The President shall provide for the holding of such other meetings as may be deemed necessary or desirable.

Each member shall be entitled to one vote.
Membership fees shall be determined by the Board.
All members will be entitled to membership in the SCGA, & such membership will be included in & paid for by the RGC.


The Board of Directors will be Officers of the club, consisting of President, Secretary, Treasurer, & Tournament Director.
Other positions may be created to aid the Board, but will not be Directors.  This may include Vice President, Handicap Chairman, Rules Chairman, Membership Chairman, & Representative to the SCGA.

Board Members will be elected in October and will serve from date of their election to December 31 (or election of their replacement) of each year.
Any Director positions may be combined on approval of the Board.  Members holding multiple positions will be entitled to a single vote as Director.
Prior to the Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors shall seek candidates for all positions on the Board of Directors.  Candidates’ names may be posted on the web site one week prior to the Annual Meeting, & a list of all candidates emailed to each member at their last known email address.  Election will occur at the General Meeting & be conducted fairly.  Board members are not limited to successive or multiple terms.

The Board of Directors shall meet at such times and places as they may select and a majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum at any meeting.Each Director will have one vote on the Board.

In the case of any vacancy through death, resignation, disqualification or other cause, the remaining Directors, even though less than a quorum, may elect a successor by majority vote to hold office for the unexpired term of the Director whose place shall be vacant, and until the election of his successor.


Unless otherwise noted each Director shall conduct usual duties inferred by the title.
The President (or Vice President in his absence) shall call all Board Meetings & preside over the meetings.  The president will appoint an SCGA representative and any special Ad Hoc Committees required.
The Secretary is responsible for the maintenance and content of the RGC Webpage and the documentation and communication of Board Meeting minutes and action items.  He may also be the RGC representative to the RGC’s bank account.
The Treasurer will prepare a budget, & distribute moneys from the club resources as directed by the President.  He may also be the RGC representative to the RGC’s bank account.
The Tournament Director (TD) will plan & conduct regular weekly tournaments within the RGC.  Tournaments between clubs (e.g.; Marguerita Cup, Temecula Valley Golf League) or within the SCGA (e.g.; Winter League) will be managed by any member volunteers designated by the President.  The TD will prepare annual plans for approval by the Board.  The TD will announce winners & every player’s scores (peer review) of every tournament via email to all members excluding any who specifically request they receive no email.
The Membership Director (MemD) or person acting in that capacity will process applications for membership, including annual renewals, in accordance with SCGA requirements.  Membership fees will be determined by the Board of Directors.  The MemD will enter member information in the SCGA/GHIN system.  He will submit an updated list of all members at least quarterly, to the Board, including best information of current email addresses for all members.
The Handicap Director (HD) will advise the Tournament Director of current handicap for all tournament participants.  This will require twice per month updates using information from the GHIN web site.  NOTE:  The handicap chair is required to pass a knowledge test administered by the SCGA (in conjunction with a training program) within the 4 years prior to his term or within 4 months into his term.
The Rules Director will maintain current Local Rules for competition, and determine the application of the USGA Rules of Golf for any dispute in RGC competition.


Section 1. The Board of Directors shall have the power to repeal or amend any of these By-Laws provided that such action shall not be effective until approved by a majority vote of the members of RGC club at a meeting held in accordance with the provisions contained herein.


           President                     Matt Hasch                   Date    10/13/15  

           Secretary                     Peter Grupp                 Date     10/13/15
           Treasurer                     Alan de la Sierra          Date     10/13/15
           Tournament Director   Pete Rosenthal            Date     10/13/15

           Rules Chair                 Lee Wortman                Date     03/01/16

           Membership Chair      Jim Schoonmaker          Date    10/13/15


Club Rules, Local Rules, and Tournament Conduct rules are posted on the web site and are updated regularly as needed.  The Standing Rules are a separate category of rules which are not intended to change often.

1.   Standing Rules are adopted or suspended by a majority vote of the General Membership.  They may amend or repeal by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those members present, without notice, or a majority vote if previous notice is given.
2.  All members shall cooperate and comply with the rules and regulations established by the Course.  Dress code, while playing golf, is established by the Course and must be adhered to by all RGC members.
3.  The Tournament Chairman shall schedule Weekly Tournaments each Tuesday.  All members are invited to participate.  Any member without a current handicap may participate as a guest (no tournament fee required).  Prize or Tournament fee will be established by the Board. 
3a.  Guests will be allowed in all tournaments.  Guests without a current SCGA handicap will not be eligible for the competition but play recreationally.  Guests with a handicap will be allowed to compete in optional skins competition.  Guests will be limited to 4 tournaments in a given calendar year.  Guests will not pay the prize fee.
4. RGC will conduct two Major Tournaments (President’s Cup and Club Championship) each year.  To be eligible to compete in these major tournaments, the member must have competed at least 4 times on Tuesday within the previous 13 weeks.  The Board of Directors may waive this condition based upon injury, illness or other extenuating circumstance.
5.  The Tournament Director will schedule tournament participation & coordinate with the course management for play each Tuesday.
7.   Each member of the SCGA is responsible for posting ALL his rounds in a timely manner.  However, the TD may elect to have tournament rounds posted in bulk after any tournament.  Any 18 hole round where 14 or more holes have been played must be posted, as well as any 9 hole round. 
8.   The Board of Directors of the RGC has the authority to change or amend existing by-laws if required doing so by directive from SCGA.