Code Of Conduct

We play golf for fun! The Code of Conduct is to help achieve that objective. All members are expected to abide by the following guidelines:

  1. Watch your use of offensive language.  Lay off all loud profanity; if you swear, keep it at a reasonable volume.

  2. Do not throw golf clubs.  Such behavior is dangerous & may be grounds for termination of membership.

  3. Take good care of our course; repair divots, rake traps, use waste baskets, etc.  Take care to not damage carts or other equipment.

  4. Do your best to maintain a reasonable pace of play.  Play "ready golf", execute shots in a timely manner, help your fellow players search for lost balls, maintain the 5 minute time frame for looking and "X" out of a hole when your round is doomed.

  5. Maintain an honest handicap.  count and record all strokes; post all rounds in accordance with SCGA guidelines.

  6. Discreet use of cell phones are permitted but exercise good manners and be considerate of other players.

  7. Play by the rules; cheating is absolutely not acceptable.  Be familiar with the Rules of Golf and follow them.  Unless declared otherwise we 'play the ball as it lies' and always follow the rules for balls lost or hit into hazards.  "Nudging the ball" or dropping a sub ball are example actions that are not tolerated.  If you observe any incorrect action on the course in your playing partners, it is your responsibility to address it as soon as seen.

  8. Finally, be a good sport and have fun.