Join our Club!

Membership in Redhawk Golfer’s Club, one of Temecula Valley’s premier golf club’s is only $75 for men and $50 for women.  Membership includes SCGA/GHIN membership, World Handicap System index, access to Redhawk Golfers Club weekly tournaments and many other benefits.  To join, simply use the link to the SCGA site via the red button above.  Tap the button then follow directions.

Membership in Redhawk Golfers Club/SCGA is for a rolling 12-month duration from the date you joined and paid the SCGA.  The SCGA will provide renewal notices starting at 60 days prior to your renewal date. If you renew and pay before your actual renewal date your new renewal date will be 12 months from your original date, not the date you paid.  If you are late with your renewal and let your membership expire, your new renewal date now becomes 12 months from the date that you paid your renewal.

Questions, email or call the Membership Chairperson as listed on the About Us page.