This Month's Player Profile

Howard Dreyfus

January 2021

Howard Dreyfus says the numbers are on his side. Even though his handicap is north of 30, the affable and upbeat Dreyfus is convinced someday he will shoot his age.  First off, genes are on his side. His mother, who lives in Walnut Creek in Northern California is 104 years old. Still talking. Still walking. "I want to play long enough to shoot my age," he said. "And I will."

Despite the high handicap Howard continues to hone his game and has taken lessons to improve his chances of reaching the magical age-golf score benchmark. He recently went to baseball grip and found that it has helped his game. "I've got to keep at it," he said. "I am planning to play golf for a long time." Howard shares the Christian Science belief that if you believe in it, it will happen.  He already has scratched off a hole-in-one from his golf bucket list. About 20 years ago Howard got an ace on a 174-yard par three at Disney World in Florida. For his troubles the club gave him a free drink and lunch and plaque with Mickey Mouse on it.  "They do it right," he said. He has been playing golf off and on for most his life. As a longtime insurance executive who moved nearly every year, his travels have taken him to courses on both coasts and in between.  He's played Pebble Beach a couple of times not to mention Doral and TPC Sawgrass. Oftentimes these were corporate outings, part of the three-martini lunch that was a standard part of the business world not too long ago. "I played a lot of golf because my boss did," he recalls.  As a member of Treyburn Country Club in North Carolina, Howard’s rubbed shoulders with NBA great Michael Jordan, who gave him an autographed golf ball. Jordan played regularly at the course and was no stranger to money games. Howard remembers walking past a table in the club house with Jordan and his golf mates and noticing $5,000 to $6,000 in cash laying on the table. "He played for big money, my gosh," he said.

Howard and his wife of 55 years, Joanne, live on the 13th hole at Redhawk, just beyond the dog leg and the pond. He doesn't get a lot of golf balls in his tiny backyard unless "some youngster decides to cut the corner," he said. Having said that he has played with some Redhawk Men's Club members who have hit drives that have ended 80 to 100 yards from the green.No matter where the golf ball goes, Howard is philosophical about golf and life. "I'm a big believer that there is good in everyone," he said. But he knows that life has its share of ups and downs. "Enjoy the sunshine today because tomorrow you could get hit by a truck," he said.  He reminds everyone they are like Dixie Cups: "we are all disposable."